Maybe you have caught yourself thinking that there is too much grey, black and white in your wardrobe? Or maybe you had a thought lately to freshen up your existing wardrobe color palette with something exciting and timeless? With the revival of the nature spring brings us light and wonderful colors designed without a touch of a human. This inspires to revive and connect to the nature by covering our bodies with some color as well. Let Spring bring color to your life and your wardrobe! 

Son de Flor is always happy to share our love for timeless pieces as they never go out of fashion with classic shapes and colors. This spring brings yellow and caramel colors to the catwalks and streets. Marigold and new Terracotta Red, that is soon to be introduceddresses spark joy and playfulness without even trying. 

Pastels are surrounding us for few seasons in a row. Classic dresses in 花びらのバラTea Mint and スカイブルー are here to accompany you with their feminine touch. 

Do you like blue color? Some pop of blue is a little detail that can uplift the whole outfit and it's quite popular for upcoming season. You can add a blue accent like Linen belt or サスペンダー in Ink blue color, which is soon to be released with the new Spring/Summer collection, to your monochrome outfit. 

In the end, it doesn't matter what color you choose to wear. Sometimes we just need for environment around us to remind us that color is a powerful tool to affect our mood, and spring shows us how color can add joy and energy to our lives.

Find the long awaited our Spring Summer 21 look-book below. We are launching March 10th! Choose your favorites!

Let the color in! 





Asha 前記:

Gorgeous! The spring collection is just so beautiful.. I would wear every single piece <3


NIA 前記:

Oh these beautiful colors remind me of the first flowers this spring.. dresses perfect for the season -


Anna 前記:

Such pretty colour combos!


Linda 前記:

The pictures made me long for warm and sunny days! I love all your dresses and your vision on long lastning, sustainable fashion. One day I’m going to buy the tailored wrap dress in evergreen. 😍

Sami Myers

Sami Myers 前記:

I love the classic dress and the apron dress in the terra cotta color! It is amazingly beautiful ❤️


Marthe 前記:

Beautiful collection! My favourite is the pinafore dress in secret garden print 😍


Marie 前記:

I’m so excited for the new collection! The colours are so pretty


Flame 前記:

Vivement l’été 💛 On aimerait les avoir toutes ces jolies robes colorées ! 💚
Un gros coup de cœur pour la magnifique robe chasuble sans manche, Rouge Poppy. Un bonbon❤️


Charlotte 前記:

I have the smock twill dress and the longsleeve shirt dress and I love them both. The floral prints are my favorite. Would love to have a floral top or dress.


Liz 前記:

Lovely and beautiful collection :)
I fell in love with the pinafore terracotta dress <3


Hanna 前記:

Wow this looks so great! I love the tailored wrap dress in Evergreen or Marsala. And the new secret garden print looks wonderful ❤️

Laurel Streed

Laurel Streed 前記:

I was hoping you would do a terra-cotta color and now I’m so excited for this beautiful spring launch!! 😍😍


Joelle 前記:

I am loving the classic skirt and the pinafore dress in terracotta red!!!😍 All of the new clothes are stunning and I can’t wait to see the rest!!!!


Polina 前記:

These colors look absolutely gorgeous, they fit the miracle of spring perfectly 😁🌸❤️