It would be a dream to offer a sustainable timeless style dress made ethically from 100% natural linen in family owned company from Europe for reasonable price and delivered for our beloved clients for free!

For quite a long time we’ve been dreaming of offering all our clients a free shipping option. Could not do that earlier, since we were cautious how taking that cost on our shoulders would affect our company. However, you never know when your fall would turn into flying, right? So we are taking the jump today for couple of weeks!

We are happy to offer you all a free regular shipping no matter the size of your purchase nor the direction of your home for the remaining of October.

Ever since COVID-19 happened, we have changed significantly our delivery service. We’ve stopped working on regular basis with national posts, since too many parcels were late for deliveries or disappeared entirely. We’ve signed up contracts with world-wide known delivery services like DPD or FedEx and several more. So recently with our regular shipping option, your parcel would reach you usually within 7 to 10 working days!

There are quite a few countries, where regular shipping is too risky as well, thus we offer only an express shipping, like Canada, Australia or New Zealand. If you were ever repelled from trying on your dream dress because of high shipping cost to these areas, for the remaining of October, enjoy free express shipping here as well!

Again, for the remaining of October, no matter the size nor the direction of your parcel, enjoy free regular shipping and free express shipping to all the areas where regular shipping is unavailable, like Canada, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand & Non EU Europe!

For any questions, please contact any member of our team for more information and we will be more than happy to help you!

Sending love and free shipping option to all of you for the rest of October! We hope your November starts in a Son de Flor リネンドレス twirl!

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Nicole 前記:

I just discovered your beautiful clothing! I see where you offered free shipping for October, do you ship to the USA have you extended free shipping for November as well?