Even though at Son de Flor we count no seasons, since we aim at creating timeless linen styles, every summer and winter we are happy to offer a seasonal sale to our community to share the cost and encourage more women all over the world to fall in love and discover the advantages of linen as a fabric, timeless styles as a concept, sustainable fashion as such and the beauty of small companies, where every purchase makes a difference for the people engaging in it.

There is a number of benefits to linen to have in mind that makes it perfect for any season. Linen dress like Classic Red Poppy feels firm yet soft, looks luxurious yet casual as well authentic. This natural fabric is breathable and highly absorbent which makes it a pleasure to wear. Not to mention that linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibers, and it's been found to get even stronger with every wash. 

It’s such an amazing feeling to have pieces in your wardrobe that always look great and fit to any occasion. Linen fabric has the magic power to look beautiful and organic together with many other fabrics such as wool and knitwear. It’s very special that clothing made of linen beautifully fits to everyday life and brings timeless fashion sense.

We love nature - it’s a source of our energy, happiness and calmness. The linen production process isn’t water intensive, giving it a lower water footprint. Almost all of the flax plants can be used with purpose, to health food and fashion industries, which makes it used to its full potential. This way choosing linen clothing helps taking care of our planet and making sure it stays in harmony as much as possible. 

In a small business every purchase is very important and it’s taken personally with a lot of love and gratefulness. The presence of the community and it’s growth brings the sense of togetherness and bonding with everyone despite their location in the world. It’s a small world we create where it feels good and warm, where we love sharing positive thoughts and value among ourselves. 

We love sharing quality and value with our linen pieces. 

febbraio 03, 2021

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