Palisandra Shawl - Son de Flor
Palisandra Shawl - Son de Flor

Châle Palisandra

Prix régulier €78,00
€78,00 EUR
€78,00 EUR
Prix régulier €78,00
Dimensions: 145 x 145 cm (57.09 x 57.09 inches)

  • À expédier sous 2-3 semaines
Châle Palisandra - Teal Blue

is made-to-order and will ship in 2 - 3 weeks.

Fabriqué en lin doux de haute qualité, le châle Son de Flor Palisandra enchantera et protégera avec élégance du froid d'automne, de l'étreinte venteuse du printemps ou des rayons d'été. Enveloppez-vous dans du lin adouci de la taille d'une couverture.

Crafted from high-quality linen, the Palisandra shawl is a luxuriously soft accessory made from 100% linen that keeps you comfortable in any season. Its square-cut design provides generous warmth and coverage, with neatly hemmed edges for a polished look.

Whether it's protecting you from the cold breeze in winter or fall or shielding you from the scorching summer sun, this shawl is perfect as a scarf or draped over your shoulders, creating various stylish looks. Quick-drying and Earth-friendly, the Palisandra shawl is not only kind to the environment but also gets softer with each use. With its versatility and comfort, it becomes your go-to accessory for any occasion.

Upgrade your wardrobe with this sustainable and chic shawl, adding a touch of elegance to your style and keeping you cozy all year round.

We do not store these unique linen designs, yet would be delighted to produce it once you place an order. It might take us up to 3 weeks to create this beautiful garment, but we guarantee you’ll be enjoying exquisite quality, authenticity and a good feeling of saving Earthly resources.

• Less waste
• Conscious consumption
• Unique style guarantee
• Stronger emotional connections to your clothes

Made from 100% linen, pre-washed & softened. The garment will not shrink after washing at home.

Use low-temperature water & natural laundry detergent for washing your linen garments. Try not to bleach nor tumble dry & avoid dry cleaning. Set a low heat on the iron to remove unnecessary wrinkles from the inside out.

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