Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

We are happily continuing our never ending love story with linen into the new Son de Flor Fall/Winter season. The season, where all women are seen & heard, where joy and wisdom unfolds in togetherness, where the beauty of linen is expressed with most appreciation in timeless styles full of twirling stories. 


Besides introducing new colors & authentic styles, this season Son de Flor team invites all the amazing women to style & layer their linen garments with more subtle accessories & wool knits. 

This season we are overcoming the myth of linen as the summer fabric with our Twill Linen line & the new Linen-Wool blend. The amazing qualities of linen such as antiallergenic, antibacterial, antistatic & biodegradable remain during the cold season, even more. Fall & Winter appreciates linen being soft for the skin easily taken care of, and mostly - thermo regulating. In fact, linen might be the perfect first layer in the cold season.  

Among the new styles, please enjoy new iconic button-down Nicole Dress & Shirt with oversized Prairie Collar; the elegance of Scarlet Dress & chemise in Bishop Sleeves; the versatility of Catherine Jacket & uplifted pantalon.


We hope you will enjoy our premium Italian Wool Line for outerwear this season, as we are introducing three distinguished styles to fit all the needs with our Tailored Wool Jacket, Cropped Sweater & the new flattering Classic Coat.


As the circumstances are still keeping most of us home, this season we are extending the Son de Flor loungewear line with a lovely & versatile 100% knitted merino wool capsule collection. We hope it will keep you warm and cozy this Fall/Winter season. Made by friendly women in Lithuania.


This season we are introducing a lovely new category of timeless Son de Flor bags. We hope these hand-crafted in Europe natural leather bags will last you more than a decade! 


Finally, you are more than welcome to browse through our extended accessories category, including not only a cozy range of 100% merino wool mittens, but also linen hairbands & collars, made in collaboration with Mayula Handmade, as well as a lovely range of classic berets from Laulhere, French beret maker since 1840. 


As all the seasons before, Fall/Winter season we are committing to making everything around us beautiful! We hope so will you! 


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