Dear Friends,


You’ve created Son de Flor with your interest, support, belief  & commitment. By placing your orders and twirling in our linen dresses you’ve let us grow and spread the message of timeless linen beauty all over the world. We’ve spotted our dresses from Canada to Australia, from Morocco to Russia, from Lisbon to Stockholm. We are so proud of each & every of you, as you are the best ambassadors Son de Flor could ever dream of!


We understand these last two months of the year are going to be tough with meeting all the deadlines, being present with your families & planning the upcoming fests, thus we hope to ease your rush. We believe it’s time for Son de Flor to give back to you for the friendship you gave to us throughout this past year!


Along with free shipping for all the orders no matter of the size nor location, we are also thrilled to open 20 to 40% discounts to majority of our assortment in Son de Flor online store for your joy! Please hurry not, as this proposal will be open by the 1st of December. The only limitation is the stock, but we hope to meet most of your needs!


Never be afraid of getting in touch with us should any questions arise!  Thank you for being so kind to us throughout the year!


Take your time & let the joy begin!


Son de Flor


18 novembre, 2021
Balises: Exciting news

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