It’s time to change the misconception that linen is meant mostly for summer! It can be easily and beautifully worn also in the colder days, since all the qualities of this authentic natural fabric stay the same, including the anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, anti-static, moisture resistant, easy to take care of and many more.

Among many variables, linen also comes in different thickness and weaving techniques. For all of linen lover who do not trust this fabric in colder days, we’d love to remind about our Twill Linen line, which is meant for cold weather AND still made from 100% linen, just in different weaving technique. We all are used a plain linen weave, so let’s take a look again what’s twill linen weave?

~ Twill weave, 1m2 weights 365g. Durable, wrinkles less, suitable for cold weather.
~ Plain weave, 1m2 weights 185g. Durable, suitable suitable for any weather.

 Let us remind you, that plain weave is one of the four elementary woven fabric structures with a very stable construction, no matter what fiber or yarn count (thickness) is used.Twill weave technique is marked by its distinct diagonal pattern. The twill technique involves the weft yarns wrapping around at least two warp yarns at a time in a unidirectional pattern that creates diagonal lines in the fabric. All the fabrics, including linen, woven in twill weaving technique, are usually heavier and with more structured form, rich with great durability characteristics as well as wrinkle and stain resistance!

We usually work with linen woven in plain technique, however for the colder days we’ve introduced a line of Twill Linen dresses which carry only the best reviews by our customers!

Beautiful! The material is good quality and quite heavy, and the fit is even nicer than I expected! This will be a perfect skirt for the colder months.

Colleena on Jun 28, 2020

Very well made and classic. Will enjoy wearing it when the weather cools a bit.

Lucy Beckman on Nov 21, 2019

Beautiful craftsmanship. I'll be wearing this until spring ends! 

Katie on Mar 19, 2020

If you have doubts what would you suit your needs better please get in touch with us at and we will happily advise you! We leave you with our Twill Linen dresses that are finally back in stock for your Autumn Comfort! 


24 septembre, 2020


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