This Fall/Winter'22 Collection is special not only because it's the biggest in the history of Son de Flor, but also, there are so many new categories that we haven't had before and decided to invite for this season! We thought it would be great to create new garments that would help to prepare for the colder seasons even more. 


You can now find Linen&Wool blend garments that from the moment we saw it impressed us with an amazing quality and feel. Perfectly suitable for colder seasons Linen&Wool blend combines best qualities of both fabrics and pleasantly surprises with the way it beautifully falls. You can find it in Herringbone weave that comes in small white&black zig-zag. 



Merino wool  is an absolute novelty for Son de Flor this season. We have put together a set of natural, soft, cozy & comfortable range of Wool Loungewear essentials: pants, cardigan, turtleneck & scarfs. All the pieces are made from 100% Merino Wool by a small company situated in Kaunas, Lithuania.




Expanding the variety of accessories we have added elegant Wool Berets to our catalog. Classic berets radiate French elegance, minimalism and luxury since created in partnership with Laulhere, Paris. 



To accompany our wool berets, a range of Mittens has been added to warm up your hands on chilly Fall evening walks in the parks. They come in Burgundy, Warm Brown, Olive, Night Navy and Grey.



To match your your linen & wool outfits add a Linen Hairband. Every piece is unique and made by hand at Majula Handmade. Born as a zero-waste accessory, made from the linen scratches left from Son de Flor linen dresses production. It's a lovely accessory to match with your linen and wool look!



Finally, we are glad to have added highest quality Leather Bags that will last you for years. Bags come in two models: women's leather bags or leather bags in combination with linen. Made in four colors: Beige, Tan, Warm BrownAutumn Brown, Brown Checkers and Black Pansy. Range of different shapes and sizes will help you find the bag to follow your unique style and story. 



Fall/Winter'22 Collection is dedicated for finding beauty in everyday. It's about trying new thing & being honest to yourself; letting yourself feel all the feelings & self-reflect; get to know yourself better & cherish your close ones!


All the best,

Son de Flor 


26 août, 2021
Balises: Exciting news

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