Welcome, November, the last month before we all return into the warm circles of our families & friends to celebrate the closing of yet another year.

At Son de Flor, the month of November is the month of appreciation and focus on the important things, not only who we are and what we are becoming, but also on who is helping us on the way and how we can return at least a bit of the favours we are getting from all of you.

So this month we want to say thank you for your support & friendship throughout the year and offer FREE SHIPPING all over the world no matter the size of your basket, so that the linen tale of Son de Flor is spreading in the world with more joy & ease. 

In November, along with illustrator Carolyn Gavin (@CarolynJ) & Lithuanian start-up Ukai (@Ukai.eu) we are very excited to launch our #BEEkind project to support the grassroots non-profit organisation BEEGIRL.org centered on bee habit conservation through research, regeneration & education. 


How does that work?

This November, every parcel placed by you at @Sondeflor, will include two gifts – one for you and another for the Beegirl.org

~ Every parcel shipped to you in November will include a pair #BEEkind socks, made from recycled polyester by our friends @ukai.eu featuring a lovely illustration of flowers & bees, created by the Canadian artists Carolyn Gavin @CarolynJ

~ Along with every pair of #BEEkind socks, a donation of 5EUR will be transferred to the BEEGIRL.org to support her research & education programmes in bee preservation.



Why Bees? 

The meaning of Son de Flor has a lot to do with flowers. In fact, ‘Son de Flor’ might be translated as ‘The Sound of Flowers’. Flowers & bees couldn’t live without one another. Many of us have probably heard already about the difficulties bees are suffering and the danger to this miraculous species. We might not be able to help the bees ourselves, however, we can at least support the ones in the fight for these amazing creatures! We hope this initiative will not only help Bee Girl organisation in their mission, but also bring some awareness to all of us on how to make this world a little better place for all of us, including bees!



Who are the partners?

We want to express huge thank you to all the partners who helped our idea to come true! First of all, to Carolyn Gavin, @CarolynJ, who believed in our idea and delivered such a beautiful illustration for these beautiful socks! Secondly, to our friends at UKAI @ukai.eu, whom we wish to grow big and strong, also be known in the world with the beautiful products of their own! Finally, the Beegirl.org for everything beautiful what they are doing & their trust in @Sondeflor. 



Even though November is a big month in the forever fast world of merchandise, we are kindly inviting you all to slow down a little and focus on the small steps within our control to make this world a better place!


Let’s #Beekind as it’s always a good idea!  
To the smaller, to the weaker, to our nature, waters, to one another!
03 novembre, 2021
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