Because it's probably the kindest fabric found on Earth! Flax is not devastating the Earth when growing, it does not need much of the pesticides and significantly less water to grow up than cotton! 

It's hard to cultivate, yet once the linen fabric is woven from flax, it has a bunch of amazing faculties, like being extremely durable and even more so with time, breathableanti-bacterialanti-allergenicant-bacterialhumidity & heat friendly, yet thermo-regulating and very easy to take care of!

Once you dispose of it (please don't, but if you do...), linen is fully biodegradable and can degrade in as fast as two weeks, compared to decades that polyester takes to degrade if at all!


Linen is one of this beautiful gifts from the Earth worth falling in love with! Start here.
27 novembre, 2020
Balises: Linen Qualities


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