Dresses are extremely versatile items as there are so many styles and colors of them to fit any body shape, mood, and weather conditions.

Luckily, linen dresses are perfect for any occasion – from casual to special days. They can look relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. From ancient times linen was considered as luxury fabric as its feels extremely comfortable on the skin.

Also, its known to be breathable and fully sustainable. Here are different styles of dresses that we are happy to share with you.


1. Classic Dress


Classic Dress


If you could have only one dress for the rest of your life, we would with only one choice left to make - matching the right pair of shoes – we would vote for Classic Dress. Peter Pan collar ads class to your look wherever you go. For a special touch, you can choose a dress with embroidered color in few different styles. Classic Dress's timeless silhouette is suitable for any day and event as it impersonates the fashion that is never going out of style. Dress comes in short and long sleeves.


2. Marie Dress


Marie Dress


Marie Dress is a little sister of the Classic Dress. We named the dress after Marie Curie, Nobel prize winner, who among many discoveries, contributed so much to also finding treatments for cancer. It differs from Classic Dress by its round neckline and zip along the backside of the dress. You can always add a detachable Peter Pan collar that adds little something to your whole look.


3. Wrap Dress


Wrap Dress


Wrap dress has been introduced to the world since 1930’s and it keeps being one of the most iconic and timeless pieces to this day. This graceful linen wrap dress is designed to comfortably fit different body shapes and its adjustable waist belt helps the dress gain different shapes and draping. V-shape neckline provides with an elegant touch that brings up your femininity. 


4. Elisa Dress


Elisa Dress


Our Elisa Dress with mandarin collar is sophisticated yet simple. Fitted bodice is tailored with a concealed side zip and front has beautiful detailing of folds with a line of buttons fully covered with matching linen to the dress.


5. Pinafore Dress


Pinafore Dress


While dreaming about the gentle sun rays and walks in blooming meadows we created an elegant Pinafore Dress. It's perfect to be worn on sunny and warm days, but what is even more wonderful is that it's great for chilly days to be paired with a shirt underneath for another classy look.


6. Smock Dress


Smock Dress



Smock Dress is extremely comfortable for its looser fit which allows complete freedom for body movement. Available in long and short sleeves for different liking and weather conditions. You can easily style a petticoat underneath or your favorite jacket on top. 


7. Audrey Dress


Audrey Dress


Audrey Dress is a novelty among our dresses. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, this flattering loose fit linen dress is meant for women, who are looking for a comfortable daily feel. The dress comes with a matching belt to be worn wrapped around the waist to change the look and accentuate your body curves.


Each of our dresses have their own story and their character which makes them so special. It's so fun to mix and match dresses with pieces from your own wardrobe which gives it an authentic look. We would be glad if you would share with us the ways you style your Son de Flor dress!


Have a look at  special colors and other alterations of these dresses in our Spring/Summer collection!

18 abril 2021

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