"Every moment is a fresh beginning."  - T.S. Eliot


We are so happy that Spring has finally come to our lives and our hearts! It’s a wonderful time of revival, new beginnings and warmth. There is so much light with the sun slowly taking over the whole sky and birds starting to sing on the streets. We can see trees showing the first signs of life and grass catching sunlight coming thought the clouds. 

This winter was s season of self-reflection, slowing down, and seeing beauty in the silence. During this period we put our efforts to improve our physical, mental and emotional health, to get to know ourselves and work on finding piece within. With the arrival of spring we are looking forward on shifting our focus on what comes with it - renesanse, freshness and light. We can begin our new projects we have in our minds with the new power, inspiration and enthusiasm. We can fulfill ourselves with the energy that reviving nature is giving us and use it as a running force for our creative selves and new ideas that have long been hidden somewhere in our heads.


This new season brings a lot of exciting new things here at Son de Flor. We are glad to share our new Spring Collection on March 10th and introduce you to new styles, new colors, prints and bags. New collection with come hand by hand with a new website launch to provide you with even better design and content inside. What is more, if everything goes well, this spring we are planning to introduce our new Ambassador Programme which will allow our community's growth even more with the people representing Son de Flor. And there will be so much more to share with you that is coming very soon! 



Welcome to New Beginnings ! Thank you for being with us !

04 marzo 2021
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Natalie dijo:

Friends, I do not even know what it entails and yet I am already eager to learn more about the Ambassador program! 🤗

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