Son de Flor dresses are made for women all around the world no matter of their location, culture, background, age or body. Our dresses are made to embrace your femininity, authenticity and let your body breath freely through the organic 100% linen fabric.  We made our dream come true and did our best so that from now on until the end of the month you could purchase Son de Flor dress with a free shipping!



For quite a some time we’ve been dreaming of offering all of you a free shipping option. We want to make things easier for you and take care of shipping costs ourselves so that you wouldn't need to worry about it. We are happy to think of ways to make our pieces more accessible for all Son de Flor women in the world. If you've been thinking of adding new timeless linen garment to your wardrobe, now it's the perfect time!


We are happy to offer you all a free regular shipping no matter the size of your purchase nor the direction of your home for the month of May.



There are quite a few countries, where regular shipping is too risky as well, thus we offer only an express shipping, like Canada, Australia or New Zealand. If you were ever repelled from trying on your dream dress because of high shipping cost to these areas, this May, enjoy free express shipping here as well!



For any questions, please contact any member of our team for more information and we will be more than happy to help you!


We are sending love and free shipping option to all of you for the whole May! Hope your summer starts in a Son de Flor linen dress twirl.


New Spring/Summer collection is ready to be part of your capsule wardrobe!

01 mayo 2021
Etiquetas: Exciting news

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