We’ve talked a lot about linen already, but it’s still so much to be said. We are lucky our linen production partner “Klasikine Tekstile” is situated next door to our office, thus we are happy to invite you all to the backstage of linen production, where you can see the complexity of the process.

Just to remind you, linen is a sustainable fabric made from flax fibers. The flax plant has been cultivated in just about every country in the world and has been used to make fiber for over 6,000 years.

To extract the fibers, the plants are either cut or pulled by hand from the ground (it's said that pulling creates finer linen). The seeds are then removed through a process called winnowing or ripping, followed by retting which removes the plant stock from the fibers. Once the fibers are separated to collect the longest pieces, which can be up to 20 centimeters long, they are then spun into yarn and eventually woven into fabric your dresses are made of!

Our partner "Klasikine Tekstile" is entering the game in the weaving process, which you can see in the video followed by Donatas, the sales manager, comments. We hope you will enjoy!

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10 noviembre 2020
Etiquetas: Linen Qualities

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