When finding new #5wears participants everyday, we discover new ways you style your Son de Flor dress or another Son de Flor garment five ways. Not only we get inspired by it, but also, it motivates us to plan our future projects that we want to bring to life! But this blog is not about that... It's about our creative & beautiful October #5wears challenge participants from all over the World!

We wanted to have all the styling inspiration ideas in one place and in case you are doubting weather to participate or not, these ladies can inspire you to give it a go & come up with your own interpretation of #5wears! Find more details on how to participate in the challenge & win one of three 300 vouchers here. 

Find our first 10 participants joining the #5wears challenge! If you didn't find yourself here yet, please don't worry, you will be added very soon! We will update this blog regularly adding new participants to the list. 

Also, you can keep an eye of who's looks you like the most, as at the end of the month we will announce a poll where by the majority of votes you will decide who wins one of the 300 vouchers! 



We are waiting for You to join our #5wears challenge! It will be fun! 



14 octubre 2021
Etiquetas: Exciting news

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