Palisandra Shawl

Palisandra Shawl

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Normaler Preis €38,00
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Palisandra Shawl - Terracotta Red / One Size

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About The Shawl 

Crafted from high-quality linen, the Palisandra shawl is a luxuriously soft accessory made from 100% linen that keeps you comfortable in any season. Its square-cut design provides generous warmth and coverage, with neatly hemmed edges for a polished look.

We believe in timeless clothes that can be passed on to new owners as honoured and cherished possessions.

That’s why we’re helping our community to easily pass on second-hand Son de Flor clothing to new owners.

All our pre-owned clothing is cleaned and touched up, ready for their new owners. Take a look at our range of wonderful second-hand linen clothing and see if you can find your match!

Be sure to check regularly, as our Pre-Loved clothing selection moves quite fast.

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