The final and such a significant month of the year 2020 has just started. Indeed, it was a year full of challenges, fear, anxiety, but also a year that woke so many of us up, a year of family, slowing down and rethinking our priorities. A year of finding the biggest of joys in the smallest of things.

Today we are officially starting our final festive month of the year. Because we did not want our X-mas parcels to delay in delivery, you’ve already seen our Christmas Capsule Collection, our Linen Gift guide, we hope you all managed to use our discount proposal on the final week of November and your Christmas gifts are already travelling to you or your beloved ones. However, if all your Christmas shopping is still to be fulfilled, we have a surprise for you.

Every package purchased from Son de Flor in December will include an amazing gift by our fellows from Lithuania Solidu Cosmetics

~ A low-waste dry shampoo bar filled with the cinnamon spice & everything nice!  

There are so many amazing things we’d love to tell you about this environmentally conscious & innovative cosmetics company based in Lithuania. While our everyday hair care products contain around 80% water, you’ll receive a shampoo bar that is made only from the necessary elements: skin-loving active ingredients, botanical oils, extracts, and natural essential oils. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing humanity, and plastic waste, such as cosmetic product bottles, takes around 500 years to biodegrade.

Your Solidu Cosmetics dry shampoo bar will come in a plastic-free as well as paper-free, completely natural packaging, that can be backyard composted in as fast as 45 days!

Once you try the lovely gift, we hope you will fall in love with this planet Earth friendly solution and choose it for many months to come. Please meet Vaiva, the founder of Solidu Cosmetics and know more about this beautiful company and their products!

Every parcel purchased from today on till the very last day of December will include this wonderful gift for your trial & joy. All you have to do is choose your next timeless Son de Flor linen piece!

Merry Christmas! 

Dezember 03, 2020
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