How To Wear Linen in Winter? Trending Ideas

Who said linen cannot be worn in colder days? Surely, it’s perfect for summer due to natural breathability, temperature regulating qualities, comfort and easy movement, with several simple tweaks, your linen dress, shirt or trousers might serve you also in the coldest of winter!

Who does not love layers? Son de Flor loves it! In fact, we are waiting for the cold season just because we are officially allowed to layer!

Here is how to wear linen in winter:


How To Style Linen in Winter?


How To Style Linen in Winter?

First thing to do when picking your fall/winter outfit – start with some winter "legends" like long sleeve top, a fitted knit jumper or a turtleneck, it’s good to also think of wooly tights and ankle boots.

All the mentioned above will look lovely with our linen shirts and dresses, even the short sleeved ones. Never forget that layering different necklines is easier, thus try a higher neck top or knit with your linen dress or shirt. If you want a more relaxed look, try unbuttoning halfway down your linen shirt once worn over a long-sleeve basic, it should match beautifully with your jeans or wide legged trousers!

If you plan layering different colors, yet you lack experience in the field, try sticking to tonal layering, like matching colors from the similar color palette like whites with beiges or blacks with greys. This will keep things simple, especially because there might be so many other variables, like a mixture of sleeve lengths and other details.

Mix Up Linen

Are you a fan of different textures? A lovely way of improving the coziness of your cold season outfit is to mix up linen with different fabrics, such as wool, cotton, rayon, silk and the rest! If you are new to combining multiple fabrics, try sticking to a color palette of warm neutrals or grey tones. However, never forget that the key is also wearing what feels good to you!


Mix Up Linen


Use Accessories

Accessories? Why not!

We love wearing some knee-high wooly socks under our linen skirts, dresses and pants. This is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself warm! Just like a long open scarf draping on our linen dresses! These soft textures keeps our ladies warm and also provides a cozy look!

Do you have more ideas? Please comment below and we will shortly come with a  2nd part of "Wearing Linen in Winter" blog post! 

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