Important. Unfortunately, we have to postpone the live chat with the transformation coach Osha Key due to a heartbreaking loss in the family. We hope to hold the meeting as soon as the heart soothes the pain and is ready to open up again. Our warmest hugs to the amazing soul we so much want to introduce all of you to ❤️ ✨


It’s a funny story how I met Osha. Again.

In fact, we used to play as little girls in the neighborhood, then there was almost a 30 years silence and a surprise encounter with Osha’s brother, whom I recognized only when we exchanged names to connect on social media. He reintroduced me to Osha and ever since I am a thorough follower of all the messages Osha is sharing with her community, challenging to revise so many of my stable truths and see them from different angle.

Even though there were quite a few important messages Osha shared that triggered my status quo, I was a silent follower until I decided to find a chance to invite her for a chat and introduction to the Son de Flor community.

Personally, I cannot remember a year that would not start with a to-do list, which would eventually get lost in the first 2 weeks of January and I would get back to the well-known ‘I will start from tomorrow/Monday/next week/next month’ promise to myself again. Of course, there are better and worse days, and usually the yearly accomplishments are truly impressive and heart-warming, however, sometimes some help to unleash inner potential might really help to see life in a more colorful, meaningful and happy way!

If you ever wanted to feel better and more confident in your own skin, to feel more connected, seen and loved, to overcome doubt of any kind, silence your inner critic and step into your own power, to find your calling and then go out and live it, to cut it short, if you feel a little nudge is needed to fall in love with yourself and your life in 2021, then get to know Osha and her 8 Key method to living a more happy, fulfilling and healthy life!

We are having a live chat on Wednesday, January 30th at 2PM GMT on our IG live!

Love is the only way. Period. ~ Osha Key

Dezember 29, 2020
Stichworte: Exciting news

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