Linen Dresses with Pockets: We Love It!

Do you know that feeling when you try on a new garment which looks and feel wonderful, all seems to be perfect, but then you try to put your hands into side pockets… and they are just not there!

We know this feeling way too well which is why it was clear from the beginning of Son de Flor, that all of our garments would have pockets crafted seamlessly into the linen garment.


Pockets in the shape we know them now appeared in 13th century. And then in 17th century pockets began to be sewn into men's clothing, but not women's. Ladies would have hidden pockets under the large skirts hung like purses. The 20th century brought women’s rebellions and during World Wars, when they started wearing more practical clothing, trousers with large pockets finally became socially acceptable. And in those times, women feel in love with pockets in clothes which continues to this day...


Classic Dress, Marie DressPinafore Dress, Smock Dress, Audrey Dress, Pinafore Jumpsuit, Peg Leg Trousers, Classic Skirt, you name it! All of them have two hidden pockets for your comfort. To carry small things, warm or rest your hands, pockets are a necessity to feel completely good.


Your Son de Flor dress with two comfortable hidden pockets is waiting to be discovered by you!

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