At least in the northern part of Europe due to the pandemic we are limited not only in movement, but also museums, galleries, all kind of gatherings, including concerts.

Once I've heard my friend telling a story about his grandfather, who had a gramophone at home and would treat it with the highest of respect. Every Sunday he would put his best outfit on, pour himself a glass of wine and listen to the different symphonies as if he was in the opera house.

 Picture by Zaira Zanotti 

If we can't go to opera, this does not mean the opera cannot come to us, right? This Sunday I'd love to invite you to a concert! Please excuse yourself from all the Sunday home chores, find your most elegant dress, pour a glass of wine or a cup of tea, find most comfortable place at home with a view and listen to my beloved version of 4 Seasons by Vivaldi, recomposed by Max Richter.

I hope this comes as a honey to your Soul. The Spring is here!



March 06, 2021


Tasha-Rose Haage said:

The classic dress in red and long sleeved is my favourite but this print! It makes my heart excited! Love it!
We always take Sundays to relax after Mass. Thanks for the Vivaldi suggestion. It will be perfect this weekend after our false spring this week in MN!

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