This Spring/Summer we have added completely new colors to our collection that we believe would perfectly fit into your capsule wardrobe. These two amazing colors are Terracotta Red and Seashell White. We want to tell you a little bit more about what mood do they bring and what do they mean.

Reminiscent of a fading sunset or stark desert, Terracotta Red brings a sense of inviting warmth to any space it touches. Its origins are in clay which has a deep burnt orange/brown color. The color is ingrained in our DNA as it has a direct connection to the caves and paintings on the walls which were homes for homo sapiens for thousands of years as well as pottery made with their own hands. Burnt orange/red offers a sense of comfort yet it stimulates both body and mind at the same time. It sparks creativity and joy adding a little drive to the action making.



Seashell White is a color of softness and elegance which is extremely relaxing and calming . Just as the keys of a piano are in this ivory-like color represent the purity and brings beautiful things such as the sound of music to our ears and hearts. It’s very easy to style it with the rest of your wardrobe as it’s a neutral color that is very flexible.



Combining both Terracotta Red and Seashell White colors together is a perfect match as joyful burnt orange and pure cream white balance themselves out into a beautiful duet.



Opening yourself to new colors is very exciting as it brings new emotions and experiences. And spring is all about new beginnings and bright moments that inspire us to move forward towards our dreams.


So let's give in to the nature's call to be more active and joyful, and spice up our wardrobes with new colors!

March 28, 2021

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