We still remember planning the slow and lazy days of recharge and self-care during January & February, yet now we are searching for words to close this lovely period and welcome March within couple of days! Time is such a mystery don’t you agree?

We hope your winter was as beautiful as ours here in Lithuania and you enjoyed every single day of it. We will soon be jumping out of our cozy Loungewear linens into the new Spring Summer season twirls, but before that let’s close this winter hibernation with an energizing live chat with a transformation coach Osha Key and hear all about her KEY methods of change and transformation to start a new season… New life? :)

Our chat with Osha Key was planned several times already, but did not happen due to many mystical circumstances. Probably it just had to wait for the right timing and the timing is this Thursday, 3 PM EEST time!

It’s a funny story how I met Osha. Again. In fact, we used to play as little girls in the neighborhood, then there was almost a 30 years silence and a surprise encounter with Osha’s brother, whom I recognized only when we exchanged names to connect on social media. He reintroduced me to Osha and ever since I am a thorough follower of all the messages Osha is sharing with her community, challenging to revise so many of my stable truths and see them from different angle.

Osha Key is a transformation coach, mindset specialist, author, speaker and founder of the KEY Method. She helps ambitious people master their next level in business, life and beyond by aligning the soul, body and mind to a new desired reality. This alignment opens the door to a world of infinite potential, fulfillment and joy. Having spent her life living all over the world, Osha’s teachings bring together concepts from western psychology, eastern philosophy, shamanism and even tantra. Olympic gold medalists, entrepreneurs, coaches, and high level business professionals are just some of the people who have had their lives and livelihoods transformed by Osha’s radical coaching system.

Can’t wait to meet Osha & invite you all to our live chat this Thursday, 3 PM EEST! Let’s break some of our habits and jump into the new reality with the first days of Spring!


Vaida from Son de Flor

February 23, 2021

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