Dear ladies, we can't be more grateful for your participation in our recent Giveaway to win Tailored Wrap Dress in Black Pansy . Seeing you smile in your timeless linen dresses brings us back to the very beginning of Son de Flor when we could only dream of having such a close and warm community... We know there is such a bright future for us together and we can't wait to keep sharing it with You!

And now, the thing we gathered here for, the Giveaway winner announcement time! Warmest greetings and congratulations to lucky @viragdora__! We hope your new timeless dress will #simplifyyourlife at least a little bit 



Thank you so much for participating! If this time it didn't work out for you, no reason to get upset since new special projects are ahead of us to pleasantly surprise you! Stay positive and happy!

And if Tailored Wrap Dress in Black Pansy cough your eye, there are few other colors to choose fromMarigold adds a ray of sunlight to your everyday, Evergreen is a reminder of our roots and green fields while Marsala Red is a touch of motivation and passion to your daily life! Whole palette to enrich your everyday!

By the way, only over a week left until the Fall/Winter'22 Collection launch! Can't wait! It will be a special one! 



Son de Flor 

August 08, 2021

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