Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed by the great selection of styles and clothes out there in the market even when we know what kind of piece we are looking for. All that is needed sometimes is a little story behind the garment to feel closer to it and know what is it about.

Here are few of Son de Flor pieces that we feel like we want to show some more attention on what linen clothes to add to your wardrobe.


Red Tartan Dress

We have two wonderful linen dresses in Red Tartan – Classic and Smock. Both silhouettes are different yet very flattering and wearable for many occasions. It’s wonderful to wear them on their own or pair with a shirt underneath or any kind of jacket on top – it all depends on your style and creativity.



Pinafore Dress

Pinafore dress is so summery and light. It has a buttoned side which is a subtle detail that adds some charm to the look. Even thought it’s perfect for warm Summer days, put on a shirt underneath and this dress becomes appropriate all year round! We love versatility and this dress is a great example of it.




Marie Dress

Marie dress is a little sister of a Classic Dress which differs by a clean rounded collar line. You can add a detachable collar made exceptionally for this dress which changes the overall look. Simple yet powerful – this is Marie Dress.




Audrey Dress

Do you remember those days when you don’t want to spend too much time on your looks yet still look put together and feel very comfortable? Audrey Dress is a linen dress that meets and even exceeds your expectations on such a day.




Pinafore Jumpsuits

Pinafore Jumpsuits are an addition to Pinafore Dress for all adventurous women looking for joy and freedom of movement. The look of it can be easily changed from casual look when adding a leisure T-shirt underneath, or a classy shirt, such as Son de Flor Classic or Emilie, creating more exclusive looks.




Lina Bags

We’ve created Lina linen bags that fit wonderfully for your everyday life. When going grocery shopping, for a long walk or exploring the city these bags come handy. Not only that they are sustainable and comfortable, but also they are reversible which lets you achieve few different looks using the same piece.




It's great news that we have just launched our Summer Sale where we have 20-40% discount for almost everything until the end of the month!


Find your linen wardrobe darling here!



June 10, 2021

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