White sparkly snow covers the trees and rooftops like a soft blanket, snowflakes dance in the air landing gently on your nose and the sun shines softly through the clouds... December is a magical month inviting us to share kindness, beauty & joy and it's the month when Son de Flor starts a new initiative with a beautiful cause where all of us can take an important part and every day can be a Christmas day!


For quite some time now we have been aiming to find more ways on how we could participate in taking care of the environment. This is how we found Bee Girl Organization and it’s founder Sarah, Bee Girl. From this beautiful friendship, November Bee Kind project was born with which we wanted to use our channel to spread the message about the current need to take care of bees, their flowers, and the countryside. In collaboration with local sustainable socks brand  Ukai (@Ukai.eu), talented illustration Carolyn Gavin (@CarolynJ) and Bee Girl Organization, a pair of mismatched Bee Kind Socks was created and travelled the World with majority of the parcels adding €5 donation to Bee Girl Organization Fund with every purchase you made at Son de Flor. We are so happy and grateful as 600 pairs of them were sent out with around 3000 EUR donations in support of the bees!


And then we saw once again how powerful and impactful our community can be and we decided to continue helping the organizations to take care not only of the environment, but also participate in making a positive social change. Do you know our Malala Dress? It has been named after kind and brave Malala who made the World more beautiful by her activism towards proper education for girls and basic human rights. Malala and Malala Fund has been an inspiration of kindness and work for justice for us, so we have decided to find a way for all of us to be able to take part in sharing kindness together...



We can’t be more happy today as we are finally launching a wonderful project where all of you can participate. Starting from today with when placing a purchase at Son de Flor you will be able to send a small donation of your choice to Bee Girl Organization and Malala Fund  ♡


More about the organizations


Son de Flor name originates from flowers as a symbol of timeless & natural beauty, femininity and nature. Every woman is like a beautiful flower that blooms and grows towards light & the Sun. Bees and flowers are inseparable, they need each other to exist which is why we feel a strong connection towards Bee Girl Organization and their mission. Bee Girl Organization researches the field of bee care & incorporates their findings in real life. The team consists of  only five staff members and they do so much good! With the help of  thousands of volunteers, organization has already given 180 presentations in US and Canada, directly reached 88,237 adults through over 200 classes and events, put 377,625 square feet of flower seeds in the hands of children, started 7 bee habitat projects on approximately 380 acres and so much more. You are welcome to read more about Bee Girl Organization in our blog here. Let's take care of our little bee friends so they can take care of flowers!



Another organization that creates an enormous impact to the Word and the education rights for young women is Malala Fund. After naming one of Son de Flor dresses in the name of Malala we wanted to keep our promise and help the Malala Fund directly. It states that girls’ education strengthens economies and creates jobs, teaches girls to be healthier citizens who raise healthier families, creates stability in communities,reduces a country’s vulnerability to natural disasters alongside many other reasons. Being a business created & driven by women for women, we support the beautiful mission of the Malala Fund for education being available to all & every girl in the world! It inspires us to value the power of women friendship and sisterhood that, when gathered together, can bravely speak out and achieve wonderful things.  


 Photo credit: Tess Thomas for Malala Fund

How to donate


Aften opening any product on Son de Flor website as usual, you can now find a DONATE €1 button which adds a donation to your shopping cart. When your shopping card has all the garments you are planning to purchase, open it and you will see a window with your chosen donation sum. If you wish, you are very welcome to increase your donation by clicking on the + symbol next to the sum. Your donation will be chosen to be split equally to both organizations automatically, but if you want to donate to one of organizations, you can do that by choosing Bee Girl Organization or Malala Fund from the list above CHECK OUT  button. 


Thank you so much for each and every donation you make that helps to serve a good cause and make our World at least a little bit better & brighter  ♡
December 01, 2021

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