In Son de Flor calendar November is a month when we focus on sustainability with a donation project. This year we’ve joined our efforts with Lithuanian start-up Ukai, producing socks from recycled polyester & supporting Plastic Bank organization; Canadian artist Carolyn Gavin & Bee Girl Organisation with a mission to raise awareness on bee protection!



As a result of our #BEEkind initiative, around 600 people all over the world are already wearing a joyful pair of UKAI socks made from recycled polyester & organic cotton blend with a beautiful #BEE illustration created by Carolyn Gavin. With every pair shipped we have also donated 5 EUR to support Sarah Bee Organisation on her mission of raising awareness about the protection of our little magic friends ~ Bees!


So who actually helped us produce the socks & why we want to talk about Ukai? Ukai is a family owned Lithuanian start-up that decided to run an extra mile in producing socks we are wearing every day, thus made it from recycled polyester & organic cotton blend. Even more, with every produced pair of Ukai socks a donation is made to the Plastic Bank organisation to support our waters being cleaned from plastic waste!



We believe all the beautiful socks made by UKAI brand are worthy to be travelling and making the change all over the world! We are happy to use our network to introduce all of you to this company and invite you all to try their beautiful socks still this season! As all big changes actually start with small steps.



Find more about our friends’ mission and see all their products by entering their web-store here! We hope you will find some great ideas for the upcoming gifting season!

November 16, 2021

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