Son de Flor - Linen Clothes & Accessories

In times of rush and change, Son de Flor is silence and calm. Nature and home. Elegance and charm. All our garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind, but most importantly, the way Son de Flor dresses make you feel. Beautiful. Confident. Special.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Son de Flor dresses are unique and made so beautifully, what a find. They have made me re-evaluate the other clothes in my wardrobe!
Customer reviews
This is my favorite dress in the whole world. Need I say more?
— Bell
Customer reviews
This is my first linen garment and I'm obsessed! It's so beautifully made and the color contrast so perfectly with my red hair. I've been searching for the perfect olive/rosemary green-colored skirt and somehow found it! I've been on a cottage-core vibe lately and this skirt is so whimsical. Also, customer service is so kind!
— Valerie
Customer reviews
This piece is so sweet and the fabric is so soft. Amazing quality and the aesthetic is divine. The little poem in my pocket made me squeal! So cute. Definitely will be buying more.
— Emma
Customer reviews
I love this dress. The moment it arrived I did not want to take it off. FINALLY a dress that’s more flattering with my curves than my small chested sisters. My main fear was that the torso would be too long on me, but it fits perfectly (probably ‘cause of those curves!) My height is 5’2” and I weigh 120lb. I got the small and it is a PERFECT fit. I am so grateful to have such a beautifully made garment in my wardrobe. I feel like a real women when I wear it!! Thank you, Son de Flor girls! I feel like a part of a wonderful sisterhood.
— Ruby

Linen Loungewear for Premium Comfort & Style

We are given a perfect chance to be a bit slower, to rest more, read books, take care of ourselves and our family, to recharge before nature invites us all back to the meadows and woods.


Son de Flor Donation Programme

December is a magical month inviting us to share kindness, beauty & joy. It's also the month when Son de Flor starts a new initiative with a beautiful cause where all of us can take an important part and every day can be a Christmas day!